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Sano is comprised of a small group of exceptional talents with a wide range of experience with industry leaders and top academic programs. We are creating new wearable devices and applications unlike any in existence, and are excited and passionate about launching our products in the near future.

The team is dedicated to a work environment that is fueled by great ideas and a passion to make them real, and the industry experience track-record to deliver. We respect what each team member brings to the table and support each other in a common cause. We thrive on creative conversation and collaboration and are excited to add like-minded individuals to the team.

  • We support great minds in an environment of positive creativity
  • We work as a team and support each other
  • We have tremendously skilled individuals on the team that bring their A-game to the table every day
  • We won't compromise on delivering anything but a quality product
  • This is an opportunity to break new ground at the edge of a new category

Sano is primed to make a major impact on wearable health.

We are currently looking for talented people to add to the team in the following positions:

    People who believe in Sano.